WorldFood Moscow 2021

21-24 сентября, 2021

The Worldfood Moscow is an international trade fair for food & drinks and takes place in Moscow. It covers the complete range of food and is divided into several individual areas: meat, poultry, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, confectionery and bakery products, food, oils, fats and sauces, dairy products, tea and coffee and drinks. The exhibition is recognized primarily by Russia's professional visitors and is attended by representatives from the wholesale and retail trade.

 On the whole the organisers welcomed on the 4 days of the fair, from 17. September to 20. September 2018, about 1560 exhibitors from 65 countries and 30710 visitors from 98 countries on the Worldfood Moscow in Moscow.

 The Worldfood Moscow will take place on 4 days from Tuesday, 21. September to Friday, 24. September 2021 in Moscow.

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